1. Date 10 Feb 2017
    Wow! SO much has happened since my last post. I am not in my second semester of graduate school at UT austin, Texas. Some fun things that have happened recently include:-getting a poem published in ‘Storm Cellar’ -being awarded a residency at the Stephen Pace House in Stonington, ME -being…

  2. byrdcliffe - summer 2016

    Date 03 Jul 2016
    Wow does time go by fast. Leaving Portland, Maine is always a bittersweet experience. I felt like I really needed to get away from all that I identify with, to help transition towards austin. here are some raw scans of what I came back with!

  3. cat / screenshots

    Date 22 Mar 2016

  4. screenshots

    Date 12 Mar 2016
    lately i’ve been playing with light. I realize I miss making long exposures. I enjoy the contrast achieved with minimal light. i’m playing with the idea of using a small amount of information to describe something.

  5. Colburn Gallery : University of Vermont

    Date 03 Mar 2016
    I am so excited to have the collaborative series with my sister called Chasing Light on display at the Colburn Gallery at the University of Vermont! Here are some sneak peaks.

  6. new scans / late feb

    Date 23 Feb 2016
    I finally got my own pentax 67 and started playing around more with flash – I’m working out some issues but here are some in progress scans! 

  7. Shout Out in Dispatch Mag

    Date 09 Feb 2016

  8. Solo show at UVM gallery / group show at PhoPa!

    Date 11 Jan 2016
    I’m excited to start out the new year with a couple shows! I am in a group show at PhoPa called ’Seeing Through’ which I am thrilled to be a part of. I am also putting together a solo show at the Coburn Gallery at UVM for the end of…

  9. twins

    Date 17 Nov 2015
    I am very curious and excited to see how i can further explore the relationship between my twin sister and i. it’s truly a gift.

  10. Vestibule Show

    Date 17 Nov 2015
    I am in a group show this month right on Congress street. You can see two pieces from my residency this summer in Woodstock, NY!

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