Chasing Light is supported by the Maine Arts Commission, The Alexia Foundation, and the John Anson Kittredge Fund.

Our ongoing project Chasing Light is a series that originated roughly a decade ago, and has been refined over the last several years. We use photography to examine the relationship between Bianca and I, with emphasis on Bianca’s disabilities and personal experiences related to identity.

Bianca and I are twins who were both born with cerebral palsy and scoliosis. Bianca, however experiences a much higher life-interfering presentation of her disabilities, and lives with secondary conditions that are both chronic and incurable. Her physical symptoms are compounded by persistent mental health challenges, and both rarely receive public consideration. Through second-handedly witnessing Bianca face adversity, marginalization and isolation, I started questioning socially constructed ideologies relating to identity, disability, and health.

Bianca is a subject throughout this work, but she is directly involved in the creative and curative process. Bianca speaks for herself, and by herself as opposed to a artist-subject relationship where the subject is considered only from the artist’s point of view. Through our work we aim to explore the complications of Bianca’s overt disability presentation versus my covert conditions, and the tension and discomfort that creates. 

*For our most recent two person show Body is a Bridge, Bianca shared some information about her life in the limited edition zine (Click to read/download)

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