STAYCATION: thresholds was showcased at MASS gallery in Austin, TX from 10/26/2018 to 12/8/2018.

STAYCATION: thresholds is the third in a series of STAYCATION exhibitions at MASS Gallery based on studio visits with artists working in Austin, TX. The series is designed to broaden the curatorial practice at MASS, and give Austin-based artists more opportunities to show amongst their peers. STAYCATION: thresholds features a wide-range of media from video, to painting, to sound, photography, drawing, and so on, with each artist also approaching this theme through their own unique lens, expanding on the definition and connotation of thresholds through their work. 

The Artists:

Sunday Ballew

Emily Cross

Bug Davidson

Levi Dugat

Simone Thornton

Andrew Hulett

Marisa LaGuardia 

Alicia Link

Betelhem Makonnen

Stephanie Concepcion Ramirez

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